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Use the sitemap for the Michigan bed and breakfast association website to navigate to specific places on the site, and gain the information you need to find the perfect MN bed breakfast for your trip. You can also use our trip planner to learn more about the different regions of Michigan – explore the attractions of the wild Upper Peninsula and the rich bounty of the Northern region.

We also provide a whole variety of ways for you to find your ideal bed and breakfast experience. If you are looking for deals or inclusive packages, search in our Specials and Packages section for a Bed & Breakfast offering the right combination for you. You of course can also search for B&B's regionally. We have a set of Google maps that should make it extremely easy for you to find the right B&B property in the right location.

We also provide the option for searching for a Michigan bed and breakfast by amenities. For example, say you know you want a large soaking tub in the room for after your cross country skiing. Or perhaps you are interested in finding a bed and breakfast for your Michigan wedding reception. Search member B&B's based on these kind of qualities.

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